Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16,538 Gratitude

Today I am so grateful ...

For bright light in unexpected places, which feels like my Grandma letting me know that she is still (and always) around.

For crafting a plan and sticking with it.

For restocking my Guayaki Chai Spice Yerba Mate. (The Chocolate wasn't bad, but I just didn't like it as much.)

For a long, hot shower on a cold morning.

For following through on an idea that makes my workshop a little more magical.


Anonymous said...

Amen to the bright light and hot showers. And what's the workshop idea? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

Jan said...

Will wonders never cease, I love it when "The Grandmas" send their lights just to brighten a dismal or dull day. I love everytime it happens! May their lights shine brightly forever!