Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 16,545 Gratitude

I shared this video (via Joanna) on Facebook yesterday, but sharing it here for those who didn't see it there ... and for those who saw it there to see it again. It's message is important and as much for me as for you. First things first, friends. First things first.

I feel myself hitting that difficult stretch of winter. The second half of January through February feels daunting to me. I can sense the days getting longer, but I'm starving for warmth and color that still feel a long way off. I'm feeling couped up and humorless. Mustering a sense of gratitude takes effort and always seems to fall back upon the same handful of life-preservers:

a roaring fire in the wood stove
a good book to wisk me away
something to crochet
a hot mug of tea
soup on the stove
time with friends
a rare day of blue sky and sunshine
art supplies
long underwear

With these things, I am sustained. Soon enough, the wheel will turn and the season will change. The peonie bush will be the first to send its purple shoots upward next month. We'll be back to Daylight Savings Time shortly thereafter. Until then, my hibernation continues. I'll do my best to curl my toes in the cold, black earth sending roots ever-downward, gathering strength in preparation to bloom when the time is right.

What is sustaining you through the rest of winter? (Please don't say a vacation or you will bring me to tears.)


Anonymous said...

Thank You!
That video clip touched my soul today. I am also guilty of not making time for my art everyday.
Thank you for the reminder of why I do it in the first place, sometimes I forget.

Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

I love the cozy foods of winter (bread, soup, tea), but I find myself craving fruit when the winter doldrums set in. If you can find anything good at the market, especially citrus, it may perk you up. Those little oranges are in season now, aren't they? Oh... what are they called? Clementines. Try those. Or go out for some spicy food: Mexican, Thai, Indian -- something to wake you up and get your blood moving.